Because we believe…

Every organisation deserves great consumer insight

We’ve developed Customer IQ®

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What's the story?

You know that consumer insight can be transformative

We all need insight. Pretty sure it was Socrates or Plato who said that (?!).

Whether developing new products and services, looking to understand a target audience, in need of inspiration to develop your communications or seeking the confidence to make a big decision. 

For those in an agency, your clients are asking you for more insight, right? 

You also know it’s expensive

An ad-hoc research project typically starts at £5,000 – £10,000 and can easily rack up to £100,000+ making research completely inaccessible for many organisations. 

And that’s just not fair

Because we believe all organisations should benefit from fresh research and insight, we’ve developed a subscription model where the costs are divided across the subscriber base

This is proactive, strategic insight – giving you the opportunity to plan and develop new ideas and spot new opportunities. Customer IQ® gives you the bigger picture – the kind of work that only big business can afford. 

We take a relevant topic (upvoted by you), carry out the research and deliver to you as a monthly insight report, which is both digestible and actionable.

The value of consumer insight

For progressive in-house Marketers

Strategic development 

Spot new opportunities for your organisation to develop new products, services and messaging by improving your understanding of key trends and consumer segments.

Instill an ‘insight culture’ 

Something you’re already trying to do. Bring in more research and insight into your organisation and place the customer at the centre of your operations.

Develop your team 

Increase your team’s experience and value by increasing their use of research and insight – think of it as a CPD resource.

For insight-driven marketing agencies

Strengthen client relationships

By receiving regular research and insight, help existing clients to understand and take advantage of new opportunities.

Increase new business

Introduce new research and fresh insights into prospective client conversations and pitches.

Develop your team 

Increase your team’s experience and value by increasing their use of research and insight – think of it as a CPD resource.

What's on offer?

Monthly insight report

A digestible and actionable insight report, delivered to you each month. Digestible because it is punchy and well-written. Actionable because it gives you key recommendations you can implement right away.

subjects that resonate

We take relevant topics and view them through a consumer lens. You will help decide, but we already have a number of ideas up our sleeve. If you’d like to find out more, please do sign up to the pre-launch mailing list. 

pricing that makes sense

Pricing is TBC but you will pay less than £100 per month or £1,000 per year, depending on the package you choose. That’s no more than 2% of the value of the work you receive; each report will have a value of £4,000 to £5,000.

A typical report includes:

review of existing research

We will pull together what's already available on a particular subject, informing us what fresh research needs to find out...

fresh qual & quant

We guarantee fresh research will be carried out, exclusive to our reports. We aim for a mixed method, depending on the topic being covered...

the 'so what?'

All too often, research does really well at informing us but stops short at suggesting the key implications of what it has found. Not so with Customer IQ, we work hard to relate research findings to the challenges of running a business...

the 'what next?'

Very often, research can help stimulate new ideas - for products, services and ways of communicating with audiences. We will highlight the key opportunities that are thrown up by the insights we develop...

We also need your input

Hey, we’re a research company so we build our offer around you, the customer. We have developed a clear and enticing proposition and now we need your help in shaping the offer to fully meet your needs. Sign up now to have your say in how the final offer will look.

So what now?

Sign up to receive more information, give your feedback and be the first to know about our launch plans… 

Book a Discovery call with Gideon to answer your specific questions and discuss in more detail…


This is still in development and we’d like to allow subscribers to upvote their preferred topics. However, as a starting point, we feel that the following topics would be relevant and important:

  • Consumers and Sustainability
  • What Consumers expect in a post-Covid world
  • Creating a strong employer brand

You can sign up to our pre-launch mailing list to be kept in touch about topics and also give your feedback.

We haven’t published prices yet but very much expect a monthly sub to be under £100 and an annual sub under £1,000.

We want to make Customer IQ as accessible as possible and we recognise that the price of consumer research is often out of reach of many. Therefore we will offer a range of packages which will hopefully fit all needs.

You can sign up to our pre-launch mailing list to be kept in touch about pricing and also give your feedback.

The subscription plans will be as flexible as possible, meaning you can sign up for 3 months, 6 months or a year. 

Longer subscription packages will receive a bigger discount but we plan to make all options very reasonably priced so that Customer IQ is in reach of as many organisations as possible. 

We will deliver consumer research to you using both quantitative and qualitative methods. 

Sometimes, depending on the topic, there will be more quant or more qual but we will ALWAYS include fresh consumer research so we can offer you new findings and insight.

Customer IQ is managed by Profundo Research & Insight, which in turn is operated by Gideon Barker. Gideon has 20+ years experience in market research, having spent time working in research agencies and client-side roles. 

Customer IQ will also bring in subject and research experts where necessary. These are trusted Associates who are all very experienced and have huge value to offer. 

You can see Gideon’s Linkedin profile by clicking here. To find out more about Profundo, take a look around the site. 

Currently our focus is on the UK. However, once we build the service we will look to expand into new markets. 

Are there particular territories you are interested in? If so, drop Gideon a line and let him know. 

Maybe this isn’t for you, but you know someone who might benefit? If so, please share this page with them

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