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July 2019

As you know, the purpose of this monthly email is to give you some interesting, insightful, relevant content you can slip into conversations with colleagues, clients and stakeholders. For those who also like something light-hearted, there are some fun Wimbledon-based stats at the bottom.

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OK, here we go:

Does Facebook owe you 20 quid?
According to Martech Today, Facebook’s 2018 ad revenue was $55bn with 2.3bn active monthly users. This equates to $24 per user per year. The ‘deal’ as I’ve always understood it is that we give our data for free in exchange for the use of their cutting edge digital technology that helps us stay in touch with friends and family. However, an article from highlights some new business models which drive revenue from personal data.

Take, for example, the Brave browser which pays its users 70% of the revenue it generates from their personal data. Pretty incredible. Another example is the Killi app. Maybe our data is of more value than the utility we get from the tech? As these ideas gain traction, is it just a matter of time before Facebook starts paying us?
For those of us in the UK, check out Wibson, which is a data marketplace, paying users in cryptocurrency. What’s also interesting from the data published by Martech Today is the level to which FB relies on its users in North America to maintain revenues, a weakness perhaps?

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2019 is available to download and view!
All 334 slides are available here (warning: opens as pdf). This is a really useful reference and an interesting read for all manner of internet related themes – usage, e-commerce, work, education you name it. What? No time to read it all? Then how about a 30-minute video presentation by Mary herself from Code 2019.


But if you think it’s tech that is disrupting business, you’re wrong. It’s customers.
That is the premise of this article from Harvard Business Review (HBR). Makes sense as, after all, new tech is taken up by people and it’s often new and agile startups which are able to better serve an existing customer need. So, in short, understand your customers, create products and services which suit and flex to their needs and you are set for life.

The world of work is changing fast – here are 3 new ideas for you to consider in your business.

  • Shadow Boards – discussed here in an article from HBR the idea is basically a junior Board who work with senior execs on strategic initiatives and help businesses better respond to changing market conditions. It also provides opportunities to engage the more disengaged, younger workers.
  • Returnships – the experience and skills that are wasted when employees step out of the workforce for extended periods of time is a real bugbear of mine. It’s the kind of untapped resource that is starting to be recognised as we see skills shortages across all kinds of industries. Bring forth the ‘returnship’ (thanks again to HBR) – schemes which help facilitate the efficient and effective return to work of those who might be returning after raising a family or from an extended period of absence.
  • Entrepreneur-nity leave – this article via details the schemes being offered to employees to take the opportunity to take extended leave (with the option of returning), reduce hours and work flexibly in order for them to start up their own business. Sounds like a great idea to me.
Finally, those all-important Wimbledon stats! 🎾

Over the two weeks of the championships, they will serve:

  • 303,277 glasses of Pimm’s
  • 21,917 bottles of champagne
  • 166,055 portions of strawberries and cream
  • 117,507 pints of beer and lager
  • 23,630 pizzas
More great stats available from the Wimbledon website.
Have a fantastic, warm weekend!


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